Inspiration for your stay

After a long day with business meetings, the Ikast-Brande area is ready to inspire you. Ikast-Brande welcomes you to an interesting cultural experience with a combination of tradition and renewal We can help you plan your stay, whether it is a day, week or month.

So please feel free to contact us, to hear more about your opportunities in Denmark. You can also take a look below, to explore some of the many things, you can experience in Ikast-Brande. We ensure there always are something to do in Ikast-Brande.

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Art & Culture

Art and culture along with a beautiful nature are part of the Danish identity. We invite you to explore the history of our country at the local museums, and become part of the works of art in the public space.

Additionally, we can present galleries, workshops and artware shops with products created by skilled craftsmen. 


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The Nature

Explore the unique nature while you are hiking, biking, by car or on a fishing trip. The nature offers peace and quietness, but also lots of activities. 
You find numerous moors, deep woods, some of the most amazing and twisted rivers and beautiful lakes.

The landscape is very special and filled with famous rivers, and both natural lakes and put and take lakes.

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Food & Beverage

Enjoy a delightful meal in one of our cafés or restaurants, or prepare your own dinner made by fresh quality ingredients from eg. local farms.

Explore every possibility from classical to international menus.






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You find everything you need in the well-assorted grocery stores and specialty shops located in our area.

So whether you are looking for local ingrediens, nordic design, danish art or middel jutland specialties, you can find it in Ikast-Brande.


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Activities & Events

There is always a lot of things to do in the Ikast-Brande area. 

Please check the link to explore whether interesting activities or events will take place during your stay in our area.  





24 hours in Ikast-Brande

If you only have 24 hours in Ikast-Brande, what would you do? Please find inspiration for activities, if you only have 24 hours.

Chose the categories you find interesting and plan you trip in the area.


Golf experiences

Playing golf in Ikast-Brande is in a class of its own. Enjoy some challeging and fun hours acompanied by familiy or friends - be active and regain good energy.


The European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development: Denmark and Europe investing in rural areas


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