Welcome to newcomers

Maybe you have been lucky to get a job in the Ikast-Brande area and want to move here for that reason, or you are simply fond of our nature and cultural life ? We would love to help you – and below, you find a number of useful links to information about our area.

Take a closer look at the webpages of the municipality of Ikast-Brande or our libraries. We can assist you with facts about activities, attractions, unique spots in the nature, artware shops and galleries – or whatever you would like to know more about.

 A warm welcome to all of you! 


Follow the newsletters from Ikast-Brande Tourist organisation here and check out our activities and events. We often visit attractions, member companies, etc. in our area. 

Beautiful nature

Enjoy heather and nature at its best, enchanting lakes and a tough landscape at Harrild Moor. Here you will also find a perfect opportuinity to do physical activities, which will challange everybody.

Art and culture

Experience the unique scultures, International Street Art Festival, inspiring workshops, high-class music and a lot more.

Angler by heart

Whether you like put&take or you rather go fishing in natural lakes and rivers, Ikast-Brande has lots of betiful areas worth visiting for a real angler.