With our wayfinding guide in hand, you get the complete experience of the many attractions, activities and experiences you'll find in Ikast-Brande. Together with all the good stories, fun facts and historical retrospective we have collected our tours in six categories: hiking, cycling, art tours, nature walks, sights and fishing.

Below each category you will find descriptions of specially selected routes, sights and nature spots, where you are guaranteed an extraordinary experience because we have collected all the fun stories just to hand in hand.

Before you leave, download our Visit Ikast-Brande app for free with your app provider. Inside the app you will find a menu called wayfinding. Here you can find and choose from our many different routes based on your own interests. On all routes we have placed small points with fun stories that you can read and listen to along the way. We have got the local experts to share their great knowledge, and so have also have secured some of the history that only few people know about. All you need to do is make sure you have your smartphone with you on the trip and that the app is running.