Art and culture

Experience the unique scultures, International Street Art Festival, inspiring workshops, high-class music and a lot more.

The mural paintings

Watch the spectacular mural paintings, which decorate the streets in Brande City.

Angler by heart

Whether you like put&take or you rather go fishing in natural lakes and rivers, Ikast-Brande has lots of betiful areas worth visiting for a real angler.

Hærvejen - an old trade route

The historic Hærvej goes through the Ikast-Brande area and invites for special experiences in a challenging landscape.

Beautiful nature

Enjoy heather and nature at its best, enchanting lakes and a tough landscape at Harrild Moor. Here you will also find a perfect opportuinity to do physical activities, which will challange everybody.

Golf experiences

Playing golf in Ikast-Brande is in a class of its own. Enjoy some challeging and fun hours acompanied by familiy or friends - be active and regain good energy.

The Large Watershed

Gudenåen and Skjern Å'ens sorces are only a few hundred meters apart. The two sources run in different directions, one east and the other west. Experience the beautiful scenery, just a little south of Rørbæk Sø.