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The history of the Haervej

The Haervej

We are proud that the Haervej is part of our area Ikast-Brande at the small town Engesvang , at the Stenholt Forest and Noerre Snede.

Before the invention of cars and trains, the jutlandic main road went along the watershed through the country all the way from the German border to the town Viborg. Back then the Haervej was not just one road, but a system of humble gravel paths and hollow roads that formed the Haervej as we know it today (stretching over about 250 km).

The Haervej lies on the ridge, that was formed by the ice about 15.000 years ago. From this crest, the watercourses run towards the east or the west before running into the Kattegat or the North Sea.


The history of the Haervej

The many grave mounds along the road testifie to the fact that the Haervej has been an important road in prehistoric times, most likely back in the early Stone Age.
The Haervej was used by traders, who was transporting flint, amber, hides, pottery and oxen to central Europe, and by pilgrims on their way to visit to the grave of the Apostles in Santiago in northern Spain, the Church of St. Peters in Rome or even Jerusalem. The road was also used by armies, which the many ramparts along the roadside testifies to.

During time, the Haervej has had a number of other names: Bullock Road, Ox road, Kings Road, Roman road or simply the Country Road. In southern Jutland many parts of the road are still known as the Ox road . The name Haervej for the route from Viborg to the Danevirke has existed since 1930, where Hugo Matthiessen wrote his book by that title.

The Haervej has never been just one road, rather a network of tracks along the ridge. As one road was driven, another was chosen. In that way the Haervej was formed.

Today the name “Haervejen” means bicycle path and walking path, which were established in the 1980's. At the Haervej is also a bridle path from Viborg to Baekke.

The Haervej has a website with precise information on routes, accommodation, travel packages, pilgrim-travels, history etc.

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