Lovely nature at "The Large Watershed"

On the Jutland ridge, a little south of the city Nørre Snede, you can find "The Large Watershed". It is a beautiful and varied nature area which, in addition to Gudenåens and Skjernåens sources, also include Rørbæk Sø, Hærvejen, the largest concentration of oakforest, and cultural historic tracks. The area is a location for people of all ages, and especially Ballesbækgård, at Rørbæk Sø, is the perfect gathering location for families with children.

"The Large Watershed" has its own website, where you can learn more details about the area. Read more here.

Gudenåen, Skjernåen, Rørbæk Sø, and Tinnet Krat 

Tinnet Krat is an area which, along with other oak forest, pose some of the largest parts of the original Danish forests. The small and crocked oak trees testify to rough conditions with a lot of wind, lean soil, and overexploitation of the forest. 

You can use the great facilities at Ballesbækgård, when enjoying and cooking your food, after a lovely walk along the banks of the beautiful Rørbæk Sø.

In all its length, Rørbæk Sø is surrounded by forest and steep slopes with heather and juniper bushes.

At Tinnet Krat you will find Gudenåens and Skjernåens sources, just a few hundred meters apart from one another. Gudenåen runs east, while Skjernåen runs west due to its placement on the Jutland ridge.

Not to far from Tinnet Krat, and close to Rørbæk Sø, you can find the nature center Koutrupgård. Koutrupgård has been decorated as an old Hæjvejs Inn, and there is a nature school, which is used by the different local municipalities in the area. Koutrupgård, and the surrounding 400 acres, all belong to Skov- and Naturstyrelsen in Denmark. The total 2200 acres, of varied landscape, is protected and represents a large collection of nature trails with parking spaces and areas to be in and enjoy your time and the area.

Close to Gudenåens source you will find the remains of a large bathing facility from the 1930's. At that time, people would use the water from Gudenåen to fill up the large basins. The bathing facility was, at the time, a popular destination for both local people, but also for tourists.

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Hiking at "The Large Watershed"

Beautiful Scenery


Canoeing on Skjern Å

You can rent a canoe on an hourly basis, a daily basis, a weekly basis, or longer if you wish. If you bring your own canoe, you must also remember to bring a guest card.

It is permitted to sail on the brink during the period of June 16th until September 30th. If you visit the tourist office, Visit Ikast-Brande, you can get different brouchures with maps and more specifications of different locations to bring with you.

One of the places to rent canoes is Skjern Å Kanofart. You can find the rental place at the beautiful lake, Rørbæk Sø. Additionally, you can find a restaurant, a smokehouse, and a bunch of gorgeous hiking trails in the surrounding nature.

Read more here.