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Visit Ikast-Brande sells interesting boks and maps directly from the tourist office in Brande 

Please send us an e-mail at, if you want to order books or maps. We will afterwards send you a confirmation with payment details via e-mail. You must transfer the amount via your bank.

Explore the selection of hiking and biking books as well as other intereting books about Danish nature at this page. 

National Park Thy

Booklet with useful information about the wonderful national park incl. biking and hiking maps. 


Price: 100 DKK


Biking maps - Denmark

Nice books with detailed maps of north, south, east, and west jutland, Zealand, Bornholm and Funen. 


Price: 140 DKK per book


Guide to the Haervej

Inspireing description of the nature and the attractions along the Haervej. Detailed maps of hiking and biking routes are included. 


Price: 100 DKK


Follow the newsletters from Ikast-Brande Tourist organisation here and check out our activities and events. We often visit attractions, member companies, etc. in our area. 

Monuments in the municipality of Ikast-Brande

Detailed description of monuments in the municipality of Ikast-Brande.


Price: 50 DKK

"Fri Bane"

The book describes former railways in Denmark - transferred into biking routes.


Price: 249,00 kr. 

The Marguerit Route

The book "The Marguerit Route" describes beautiful places in Denmark.



Price: 200,00 kr.


Please find information about shelters, camping sites, and places to sleet out in the open.

Price: 100,00 kr.